Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs)

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a special trust that pays income to the donor and/or to family members. After the trustee has made all of the income payments, the assets remaining in the trust are distributed to qualified charities. The donor has flexibility in determining what the income distributions will be, who will receive the income from the trust, and what charities will receive the assets when the trust ends. These trusts achieve several significant financial and tax goals including:

  • Bypassing capital gains taxes on assets contributed to the trust.
  • Increased income over the lifetime of the donor or other family members.
  • An income tax deduction.

Planned Giving Concepts helps the CRT Trustee with these services as required:

  • Federal tax returns including forms 5227, 1041A, 1041, 8282 and 8283.
  • State tax return preparation.
  • Calculation of the payments to the beneficiary.
  • Annual reporting to interest parties.
  • Review of trust documents.

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